Wyllis Ament

Resident Project Representative


Wyllis Ament has 49 years’ experience in construction and infrastructure management. While employed at Fort Hood for 33 years, he not only managed construction projects, but was also involved in the infrastructure management of the entire military reservation.

While serving as Mayor of the City of Gatesville, he was instrumental in Gatesville’s development as an independent water supply system providing potable water to Gatesville, as well as other neighboring water systems. Gatesville’s water system includes its own intake structure on Lake Belton, a water treatment plant, a transmission pipeline, and a distribution system.

Wyllis is currently serving as the President of the Board of Directors of the Tablerock Groundwater Conservation District.

 Wyllis is an exceptionally experienced construction quality control individual and he is without equal in the Central Texas Area. An excellent communicator, his daily reporting system keeps all those involved in the project up to date and informed of progress