Wastewater – our community’s water supply after it has been used to support human life and various other purposes – must be collected, treated, and discharged back into natural waterways in order to maintain healthy and attractive living conditions. Walker Partners’ experienced, senior-level engineers are helping communities throughout Texas manage and improve every element of their wastewater systems:

  • On-site processing, including facilities for pre-treatment of industrial wastewater before it is discharged into the collection system;
  • Collection and transmission systems, including the piping systems for the collection of wastewater from individual sources within a community and the pumping and conveyance of the wastewater to a treatment facility; and
  • Treatment, which is comprised of the facilities necessary for the treatment of wastewater to an environmentally safe condition, such that the effluent can be discharged and returned to natural waterways without adversely impacting the waterway’s ecosystems.