The Colonnade 

The Colonnade 

Walker Partners was tasked with the challenge of bringing two cities together to jointly build a commercial collector roadway to serve medical office buildings for both the City of Waco and the City of Woodway. Fundamental to the Project, Walker Partners had to develop public infrastructure standards and criteria suitable for both cities.

Walker Partners conducted planning, platting, and engineering design workshops with staff from each City within the prospective departments. Through Walker Partners’ leadership and guidance, innovative collaboration laid the groundwork for joint-municipality design criteria, inter-jurisdictional right-of-way acquisition, and a regional joint-use roadway.

From an engineering standpoint, Walker Partners provided all of the surveying (in-house) for design, platting, and right-of-way; preliminary and final engineering design for the streets, drainage, water, and wastewater infrastructure; bidding services; and ultimately construction management, including inspection.

Walker Partners delivered the $2.8 million Project for $2.4 million, or 17% under budget, and did so in just 16 months from inception to final completion! But the real value that Walker Partners provided was the positive leadership required to bring two communities together to achieve a common goal.