Legends Crossing Regional Detention Facility

Legends Crossing Regional Detention Facility

While having lunch together one summer day, Jed Walker was asked by a longtime client if a 158-acre industrial tract of land could be developed into a high-end commercial project. Being familiar with the tract of land on IH-35 and Loop 340, Jed sketched his ideas onto a napkin – complete with two lakes and a roundabout.

The client was so motivated by this unique opportunity that he requested Walker Partners prepare a conceptual land plan. The tract of land was plagued with a large amount of flood-prone acreage with expansive clay soils, neither of which are conducive to commercial development.

Walker Partners transformed the “constraints” of the flood-prone property with expansive clay soils into a valuable “opportunity” by way of designing regional detention and retention lakes that are now aesthetically-pleasing centerpieces of the entire development. Those expansive clay soils were ideal for use as clay liner material for the lakes, and utilizing the flood-prone area for detention and retention optimized the land-use plan to create comprehensive added value to the Legends Crossing development.

From a simple napkin sketch to a world-class medical center with a regional detention and retention facility, Walker Partners has helped create an atmosphere of health and prosperity to the users and the community. Walker Partners transformed an under-valued industrial tract of land with tremendous drainage issues into a thriving gathering place that connects the community with the region, State, and beyond.