Kip Maxwell


Born and raised in Texas, Mr. Maxwell has a vast wealth of knowledge and familiarity with not only Central Texas, but the state as a whole. Kip has been involved in a wide spectrum of projects that has afforded him the opportunity to work in many areas of civil engineering and the State. These types of projects include; Roundabout design, car and bus transportation facilities, school expansions, apartment complexes, retail developments, bank and chapel sites, compressed natural gas fueling station projects, downtown revitalization, FEMA flood studies city wide and localized to a site, large diameter storm drain design, large diameter water transmission line design, wastewater improvements, TxDOT permit procurement, BNSF Permit procurement, roadway reconstruction projects, and City Drainage Criteria development. Kip’s responsibilities entail design, project coordination, cost estimation, preparation of construction drawings, technical reports, and permit procurement.