Jacob Hinson, P.E.

Project Engineer


Mr. Jacob Hinson, P.E., is a GIS Specialist and Facilities Assessor for Water, Wastewater, Reuse and Stormwater Master Plans. With a civil engineering degree from Texas A&M University and 2 years of experience working with Walker Partners, Jacob understands the importance of the physical water and wastewater systems being comparable to the GIS and modeled systems.

As part of a team charged with developing a wastewater system master plan for the City of Waco, Jacob stepped in to help the team transition data from InfoWorks to ArcGIS. By doing so, the team was able to create in-depth, yet easy to understand, figures for technical memorandums and the final master plan report as well as generate cost estimates for projects ranging from small, immediate needs to the largest capital improvement projects. Jacob also was involved in meeting with staff to identify and prioritize multiple types of projects.

As a result of a master planning effort, the City of Robinson selected multiple areas within the its water and wastewater systems that were deficient. As a member of a design team, Jacob helped to provide the City of Robinson with the best possible solutions for the City’s and their customers’ needs.

Jacob understands the importance of quality assessments. He served as a facilities assessor for the City of McGregor in 2014. As part of an effort to reduce inflow and infiltration into the City’s wastewater system, Jacob was responsible for inspecting over 200 wastewater manholes. Jacob then assisted the City of McGregor in selecting 50 of the most problematic manholes, taking into consideration both structural condition and risk of inflow due to the surrounding environment, for rehabilitation or replacement.