Our Core Principles

Our Core Principles  

We make good decisions: 

  • Based upon our pillars, beliefs, and values.
  • Based upon making the right choice for the right client, at the right time
  • To benefit our clients, our company, and our employees. 

We take action: 

  • To be proactive and make things happen – not just let things happen.
  • To deal directly with issues when they arise. 
  • To resolve issues immediately. 
  • To protect our lasting relationships. 

We coach and mentor others: 

  • To set a good example for our fellow, less experienced employees. 
  • To help peers and colleagues with challenging issues. 
  • To educate our clients, friends, and communities. 
  • To add value to our projects. 

We take personal responsibility: 

  • To be accountable to ourselves and to our clients. 
  • To deal directly with issues – for those under our control, as well as for those not under our control. 
  • To recognize the strengths and weaknesses of others. We make it our duty to position our partners’ such that their strengths will prevail over their weaknesses. 
  • To develop ethical, honest, competent professionals to be the life-blood of our firm and the pillars of our communities.